Odey-Agba Itite Emmanuel


Born 18th October 1987, Indigene of Bekwarra Cross River State, Nigeria. Phone: 08162168283.

Without them there will be no us.
Our existence their pride and joy.
Our happiness their concern and satisfaction.
Our mistakes their blames and worries.

They love us for nothing.
A kind of bond even the most sophisticated of armoury in the world cannot penetrate.
A true definition of love and friendship.

They sacrifice their struggles to accomplish ours.
Those luxury they don't afford themselves, they give us.
Ever ready to entertain our worries.
The prodigal ones among us, they accept with affections in view of a change.

Imagine a life without them..
So unimaginable to imagine:
No one to pray for you and wish you well.
No one to give you the necessities of life.
No one to sacrifice his or her time, struggles and happiness to support your struggles.
Most of us wouldn't be here today.

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