Jesus Penaranda

The Silence of her Love

Name: Jesus Penaranda Race: Cuban American Eye color: Hazel Occupation: Communications Hobbies: Photography, writing, spirituality, family outtings, napping Nick Name: Hace History: Hace was one of those kids in high school who got along with various niches. As a result, he ended up with many diffe…

Just to feel her heart beat up against my own.
To watch the draping of her hair as she rises from our bed. The silence of her love, as I glance at the impression left on her pillow. The anticipation of her returning to our bed. To say I love you, lacks the true essance that resonates the passion that fills my heart. For you see I need her, for she is the breath that fills my lungs which captures my soul.
The blood revoles throughout my heart is as the gravity of my earth that circles, her my sun.
I am beyond I Love you. For as genuine as nature is pure to it's needs you are the universe. ..JPenarandaReflections©2015