Jesus Penaranda


Name: Jesus Penaranda Race: Cuban American Eye color: Hazel Occupation: Communications Hobbies: Photography, writing, spirituality, family outtings, napping Nick Name: Hace History: Hace was one of those kids in high school who got along with various niches. As a result, he ended up with many diffe…


You'd search for the future, And cry for the past.You'd grasp at the present, Would love come at last? Then suddenly one day you realize, You’re the only one that could live your life.Now the hopes and dreams, they fade.Please remember all the good times.Love could last a lifetime.But you're too blind to see.When you turned to walk away, you’ve walked away from me.So on your path I wish you well, don’t bother to look back.For I am walking towards the sun, as my life goes on.