PV Harrington

Mary's Trapeze

Paris-based British writer whose 'Once There Were Moonflowers' chapbook was on the Amazon poetry anthology bestsellers list in 2013.

Mary can't catch her death from tornadoes
As she sits on the cage with a swing of her legs
They whisper upstairs for a change in the weather
While young Daddy Bling lights a fire to caress.

And you, yes you, would you take a bullet
For the son of a son that you haven't yet met?
Will you rush the high ground, the rest of us haven't,
And carry the torch from the land of bad guesses?

I can't lend a hand, though I'd really love to
The only one here with a family to keep,
We'll post you a tweet and return to the jungle
As Mary throws shades from her dazzling trapeze.

Look there in the dark at the damp cardboard castles
You trample your promise and he'll break your teeth,
It's lost in the thrum of a million heart lines
Mary threads cable, she's got no crowd to please.

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