Abinash Parajuli

Eternal Pain

Abinash Parajuli is a Nepali poet, novelist, music critic and a journalist. Currently, he's acting a CEO/Executive Editor at MuzBuzz Monthly Magazine.

Eternal pain
Uncharacterized Mind demise
Unforeseen circumstances
Grief and grace all comes in a bundle
Sad departure of pretty teen mind
Men’s aligned together
On a single file procession
Of an illegal Death of mine
Brain dead Rumble,
Merely emotions Come to an end.
Out in a faraway land
There rose no sign of hope
No peace of mind…………………clashes
Generally Deactivating………………..merchandising
Extreme Emotions Jesus you are dead
Jesus you are dead You have no right to lend me,
A merciful fate Extra optimism
Just ended in pessimists Generally,
When it’s as dark as coal Be sure,
Daylight is near But my darkness is so dense
Light is too mere.

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