Abinash Parajuli

A Jocker!

Abinash Parajuli is a Nepali poet, novelist, music critic and a journalist. Currently, he's acting a CEO/Executive Editor at MuzBuzz Monthly Magazine.

I am a mockingbird; I sing a song of a loner
In the field, down the tree,
As the sun sets,
My voice is soaked with tears
I am a joker; people laugh at me
Even if I cry, my mourning is a universal joke
Even if I go down the stage with pain and strain
You laugh at me, with all your funny bones tickling
Even if I die in there, no one comes to me
To fetch me aid or may be some drops of water
But I like it the way it’s upon me.
I deserve it and no one else does
Happy that someone can take a smile out of me
Out of my rage, out of my pain, out of my life
But my pain is hidden into the depth of Himalayas
Down into the depth of the sea, inside the oyster cells
Besides the pearl, my hidden attributes lay exposed
But eyes can’t see my presence throughout
I am all rage against this life.

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