Coral Atlas

Black is back

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Snuggies, huggies, buggies and more -
what you don’t want, lots of waste galore

what doesn’t fit does not really matter,
as shoppers converge angry mobs start to gather,

’tis not the gift but the thought or so we are told
but that story is stale and has grown VERY old;

when it comes to presents piled under the tree,
why simply buy one, save some money, buy three!

Size doesn’t matter seasoned shoppers will say,
but it’s quantity not quality at the end of the day;

SO here comes black Friday dig out your stashed loot
shop online if you can to avoid the uncouth;

at the end of the day please sit back and reflect
does want without need create waste and neglect?

those with no money simply stay home and pray
that there’s food on their table, for just one more day;

Then the day finally ends and you’ve time to look back,
all that want and the waste truly makes the day black!