Leslie Alexis

Bye Bye, you Wretch (Farewell 2008)

Yo,2008, you’re lucky
You’re lucky fate push you out
You’re lucky, damn lucky too.
For everything that gone wrong
This year, I blame you!

You see that loads of heartbreak,
It is your fault!
You see the nights of long tears,
It is your fault!
You see that stress mark on my forehead
You gave it to me!

Yes 2007 was no Cinderella
But she was not Dracula
You bloodsucker, I’m happy you’re gone!
2007 had her bumps and stumps
But you: 'Monster' you had horns.

For every love that left
I wish I could give you a cut
You control freak, you saw me
Saw me crying and coiled in hurt
And you restrained me,

In the cleft of your claw
You trapped me, and watch my life
rot. You monster. you cheater
Stand still just a sec, let me
Deliver you a fatal blow
Knock you lifeless to the flow
So you can feel what you did to me.

Copyright © 2008 Leslie Alexis

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