Walt Whitman

In Midnight Sleep

Walter "Walt" Whitman was an American poet, essayist and journalist.

  IN midnight sleep, of many a face of anguish,
  Of the look at first of the mortally wounded--of that indescribable
  Of the dead on their backs, with arms extended wide,
  I dream, I dream, I dream.

  Of scenes of nature, fields and mountains;
  Of skies, so beauteous after a storm--and at night the moon so
  unearthly bright,
  Shining sweetly, shining down, where we dig the trenches and gather
  the heaps,
  I dream, I dream, I dream.

  Long, long have they pass'd--faces and trenches and fields;
  Where through the carnage I moved with a callous composure--or away
  from the fallen,
  Onward I sped at the time--But now of their forms at night,
  I dream, I dream, I dream. 10

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