Walt Whitman

From Paumanok Starting

Walter "Walt" Whitman was an American poet, essayist and journalist.

  FROM Paumanock starting, I fly like a bird,
  Around and around to soar, to sing the idea of all;
  To the north betaking myself, to sing there arctic songs,
  To Kanada, till I absorb Kanada in myself--to Michigan then,
  To Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, to sing their songs, (they are
  Then to Ohio and Indiana to sing theirs--to Missouri and Kansas and
  Arkansas, to sing theirs,
  To Tennessee and Kentucky--to the Carolinas and Georgia, to sing
  To Texas, and so along up toward California, to roam accepted
  To sing first, (to the tap of the war-drum, if need be,)
  The idea of all--of the western world, one and inseparable. 10
  And then the song of each member of These States.

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