Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Poor Old Pilgrim Misery ( Song )

Thomas Lovell Beddoes was an English poet, dramatist and physician.

Act I, scene 1, lines 141-60

Poor old pilgrim Misery,
Beneath the silent moon he sate,
A-listening to the screech owl's cry,
And the cold wind's goblin prate;
Beside him lay his staff of yew
With withered willow twined,
His scant grey hair all wet with dew,
His cheeks with grief ybrined;
 And his cry it was ever, alack!
  Alack, and woe is me.

Anon a wanton imp astray
His piteous moaning hears,
And from his bosom steals away
His rosary of tears:
With his plunder fled that urchin elf,
And hid it in your eyes,
Then tell me back the stolen pelf,
Give up the lawless prize;
 Or your cry shall be ever, alack!
  Alack, and woe is me.