Sara Teasdale


Sara Trevor Teasdale was an American lyrical poet. She was born on august 8, 1884, in St. Louis, Missouri, and after her marriage in 1914 she went by the name Sara Teasdale Filsinger. Teasdale's first poem was published in Reedy's Mirror, a local newspaper, in 1907. Her first collection of poems, S…

I said, "My youth is gone
 Like a fire beaten out by the rain,
That will never sway and sing
 Or play with the wind again."

I said, "It is no great sorrow
 That quenched my youth in me,
But only little sorrows
 Beating ceaselessly."

I thought my youth was gone,
 But you returned --
Like a flame at the call of the wind
 It leaped and burned;

Threw off its ashen cloak,
 And gowned anew
Gave itself like a bride
 Once more to you.