Samuel Taylor Coleridge

As some vast Tropic tree, itself a wood (fragment)

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was an English poet, literary critic and philosopher who, with his friend William Wordsworth, was a founder of the Romantic Movement in England and a member of the Lake Poets.

As some vast Tropic tree, itself a wood,
  That crests its Head with clouds, beneath the flood
  Feeds its deep roots, and with the bulging flank
  Of its wide base controls the fronting bank,
  (By the slant current's pressure scoop'd away
  The fronting bank becomes a foam-piled bay)
  High in the Fork the uncouth Idol knits
  His channel'd Brows; low murmurs stir by fits
  And dark below the horrid Faquir sits;
  An Horror from its broad Head's branchy wreath
  Broods o'er the rude Idolatry beneath--