Robert William Service


Robert William Service was a poet and writer sometimes referred to as the Bard of the Yukon He is best-known for his writings on the Canadian North including the poems The Shooting of Dan McGrew The Law of the Yukon and The Cremation of Sam McGee His writing was so expressive that his readers took …

Men have navels more or less;
  Some are neat, some not
Being fat I must confess
  Mine is far from hot.
Woman's is a pearly ring,
  Lovely to my mind;
So of it to shyly sing
  I am inclined.

I believe in nudity.
  Female forms divine
Should be bared for all to see
  In colour and in line.
So dear ladies, recognise
  The dimpling of your waist
Has approval in my eyes,
  Favour in my taste.

Darlings, please you, paint them gold,
  Or some pastel hue;
Make them starry to behold,
  Witching to the view.
Though I know I never should
  Say such things as this:
How a rosebud navel would
  Be sweet to kiss!