Robert William Service


Robert William Service was a poet and writer sometimes referred to as the Bard of the Yukon He is best-known for his writings on the Canadian North including the poems The Shooting of Dan McGrew The Law of the Yukon and The Cremation of Sam McGee His writing was so expressive that his readers took …

Although you deem it far from nice,
  And it perchance may hurt you,
Let me suggest that cowardice
  Can masquerade as virtue;
And many a maid remains a maid
  Because she is afraid.
And many a man is chaste because
  He fears the house of sin;
And though before the door he pause,
  He dare not enter in:
So worse than being dissolute
  At home he plays the flute.

And many an old cove such as I
  Is troubled with the jitters,
And being as he's scared to die
  Gives up his gin and bitters;
While dreading stomach ulcers he
  Chucks dinner for high tea.

Well, we are wise. When life begins
  To look so dour and dark
'Tis good to jettison our sins
  And keep afloat the bark:
But don't let us claim lack of vice
  For what's plumb cowardice!