Robert William Service


Robert William Service was a poet and writer sometimes referred to as the Bard of the Yukon He is best-known for his writings on the Canadian North including the poems The Shooting of Dan McGrew The Law of the Yukon and The Cremation of Sam McGee His writing was so expressive that his readers took …

They must not wed the Doctor said,
  For they were far from strong,
And children of their marriage bed
  Might not live overlong.
And yet each eve I saw them pass
  With rapt and eager air,
As fit a seeming lad and lass
  As ought to pair.
For twenty years I went away
  And scoured the China Sea,
Then homing came and found that they
  Were still sweet company.
The Doctor and the Priest had banned
  Three times their wedding ties,
Yet they were walking hand in hand,
  Love in their eyes.

And then I went away again
  For years another score,
And sailored all the Spanish Main
  Ere I returned once more;
And now I see them pass my gate,
  So slow and stooped and grey,
And when I asked them: "Why not mate?"
  "We do," they say.

"No priest and village bells we need,
  No Doctor to approve;
The Lord has wedded us indeed
  With everlasting love.
How wonderful to understand
  The working of His will!
Lo! We are walking hand in hand,
  And sweethearts still."