Robert William Service

A Cabbage Patch

Robert William Service was a poet and writer sometimes referred to as the Bard of the Yukon He is best-known for his writings on the Canadian North including the poems The Shooting of Dan McGrew The Law of the Yukon and The Cremation of Sam McGee His writing was so expressive that his readers took …

Folk ask if I'm alive,
  Most think I'm not;
Yet gaily I contrive
  To till my plot.
The world its way can go,
  I little heed,
So long as I can grow
  The grub I need.

For though long overdue,
  The years to me,
Have taught a lesson true,
Such better men than I
  I've seen pass on;
Their pay-off when they die;

And so I mock at fame,
  With books unread;
No monument I claim
  When I am dead;
Contented as I see
  My cottage thatch
That my last goal should be
  --A cabbage patch.