John Gay

Songs from The Beggar’s Opera: Air IV-Cotillion

John Gay, a cousin of the poet John Gay, was an English philosopher, biblical scholar and Church of England clergyman.

Act II, Scene iv, Air IV—Cotillion

  Youth’s the season made for joys,
  Love is then our duty:
  She alone who that employs,
  Well deserves her beauty.
  Let’s be gay
  While we may,
  Beauty’s a flower despised in decay.

Chorus. Youth’s the season, etc.

  Let us drink and sport to-day,
  Ours is not to-morrow:
  Love with youth flies swift away,
  Age is naught but sorrow.
  Dance and sing,
  Time’s on the wing,
  Life never knows the return the spring.

Chorus. Let us drink, etc.