Karl Constantine FOLKES

The Metaphysical State of Modern Man

Retired educator of Jamaican ancestry with a lifelong interest in composing poetry dealing particularly with the metaphysics of self-reflection; completed a dissertation in Children’s Literature in 1995 at New York University entitled: An Analysis of Wilhelm Grimm’s “Dear Mili” Employing Von Franzi…

Faith, Hope, Peace and Love.
August doctrine of the metaphysician.
A Pauline healer of the human soul.
In quest of divine love and salvation.

To leave no human being behind.
As an island entire unto himself.
But to have us all as continental beings.
Not drifting away as fissured s(h)elves.

Yet ever shifting tectonically apart.
We are; relative to each other.
By language, class, race, color, creed.
With false expansion of our sense of being.

Contracting — rather than expanding.
Conversely so; and even more, inversely so.
Man remaining — an island unto himself.
O the irony of sophisticated modern man!

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