Wayne Blair

William Chalmers Burns and Scottish Revival, then off to China.

Born in London. Graduated law 1976 Practised eleven years, Married Hilary 1974 Two kids Lauren 1980 And Jordan 1987. Business failed 1987. Moved not knowing whither. Happy hills of Waterloo Region. Mennonite Country. Thirty four years in Industry. No complaints. Poet, photographer, nature hiker. Ha…

William Chalmers Burns (1815-1868)

Called by Robert to

Pinch hit at Anwoth.

Little spot in Lowlands.

Not a lot to brag about.

Rain often

Crops mediocre.

Livestock scraggly.

But the folks had heart.

Loved me from the start.

Robert* was heading

Toward Holy Land.

Through Europe.

Much for his dampened

Coughing health.

Good friends with him.

Brother Andrew** for one.

Now, once into deserts

Robert came down, badly.

Flat on his back.

Praying for us

Up in Bonnie Scotland.

Revival fell with that

Simple dynamic.


Heather shook with the Glory.

Colourful it was.

Never to be dislodged

From reborn lives.

*Robert Murray M'Cheyne

** A A Bonar

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