Doug Blair

Contest Out of a Hat?

Doug was once a lawyer. Frustrated. Went broke 1987. Turned to manufacturing. People talked straight. Worked hard. Listened when appropriate. Lead Hand Shipper and Workplace Safety. Married to Hilary 1974. Two kids Lauren and Jordan. Poet. Photographer. Hiker-photographer. Harmonica busker. http:…

I believe, suspect
That for sake of volume
Tedium and expedience
Contest judges, admins
And visitors, contestants.
Choose say, at random
Two dozen pieces
For closer study
Or maybe the label Rhymed
And divide by four
The entries.
Or Sonnet.
Or by alphabet in poets’ name.
Not quite from a Hat. Fancy that.
Limners. Visionaries.
Life’s Queries.
Like a single leaf or three
From a splendid Maple Tree.

PS. No bad feelings. I only read at random forty of them. Bizzy, bizzy…or so we think.
Let’s drink to Poems. Yassir.