Doug Blair

Gratitude, with sand in the shoes.

Doug was once a lawyer. Frustrated. Went broke 1987. Turned to manufacturing. People talked straight. Worked hard. Listened when appropriate. Lead Hand Shipper and Workplace Safety. Married to Hilary 1974. Two kids Lauren and Jordan. Poet. Photographer. Hiker-photographer. Harmonica busker. http:…

Could i ever repay
This moment
Lakeside and
Nearing the close
Of Cottage week
Near Goderich.
Rained for three days
And chilly for August.
Monopoly gave us an excuse.
Battleships and crosswords.
TV reception not too bad
From across the waters.
Fourth day glorious.
Sand in the CROCS.
Eye full of bikini detours.
That was two days.
Splashing tossing the kids
In frolic. In silliness.
Closest touch in months.
And now tonight.
Grandparents arrive
Like pony soldiers.
Taking over.
We hit the the sands of dusk.
Like when we were teens.
Lovers even then.
Huddled in sweat suits.
Bare feet let out of the stalls.
Holiday, ah yes.
The Best.
Bringing back
What we needed.

(Doug and Hil, looking back from our seventies)