Douglas Blair

Stiff and Fundamental, the words.

Blogging poems since 2008. Once a lawyer in general practice. Then 32 years as Shipper in a heavy metal fabricating plant. Retired 2022. Married and father of two. Poet. Hiker. Harmonica Busker. Gospel enthusiast. Photographer.

I have a friend
Who frequents Jesus poems.
All the points addressed
The bloody Roman Road. (cc. 5-10)
And words we groupies use to
Get a wrap on joy, on appreciation.
On remission.
BUT, but…
There will be missing
The boundless imaginings
And caress of Father Divine.
He made the heart, the shell.
Adam’s transgression brought Hell.
We must respect how God sets
Each apart.
The guilt, the pleas, the bended knees
Are single.
Are to each point of
Remembrance, contact, comfort, hope.