Mawphniang Napoleon

The Raven's Eternal Plight: A Dark Ode to Love and Fate

Mawphniang is a person who is always striving to live life to the fullest. He is someone who is always open to new ideas and ways of living and is unafraid to take risks in order to explore the unknown. He is passionate about life and is always looking for ways to make use of his time and energy. H…

But the Raven's words, so dark and dreary, left my heart aching and sore
For they spoke of death and sorrow, of a love forever gone
And the finality of fate, that our lives are but a song

With a voice that echoed through the ages, the Raven spoke of Dante's plight
Of the journey through the circles, where the damned are doomed to fight
Of the souls trapped in the Inferno, and the ones who reach the skies
Of the eternal punishment and the eternal paradise

I longed to join the journey, to witness the eternal fate
To see if love endures, or if it's but a fleeting state
To see if the Raven's words were true, or if they were just a lie
But alas, I knew my fate, for I was doomed to die

So I stood there, staring at the Raven, with its eyes so dark and deep
And I knew that I had reached the end, and that my soul would soon to reap
For the Raven had spoken truth, and the truth was harsh and grim
And in that moment, I knew that my life was but a whim

But even as I faced my end, I couldn't help but wonder
If there was something more, if there was something asunder
For though the Raven's words were true, they left my heart in doubt
For if love endures, then what is life all about?

So I asked the Raven one last time, before my soul would flee
"Is there something more, is there something that I should see?"
And the Raven replied, in its voice so dark and low
"There is nothing more, for death is the end, and love is but a show."