Richard Newton Sherrer

Life after Death

I was born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania. It was a small family farm that was handed down through 8 generations of Sherrer men until my father; Newton just could not make a living from it any longer. He thought that I would make a better living away from the farm. So, I decided to join th…

We are always of good courage,
Therefore are always confident;
Our hope will never discourage,
Because my faith is evident.

We know while we are at home,
We are not absent in the Lord;
For we do not wander or roam,
And remaining in one accord.

For we walk by faith, not by sight,
With good courage and confidence;
Doing everything that is right,
Maintaining righteous diligence.

We would rather be with the Lord,
Than in a corrupted body;
Knowing that I am not ignored,
In remaining righteous and holy.

Whether we are home or away,
In our leisure or labor;
We will be trusted to obey,
To please Him and our neighbor.

The day will come when we appear,
Before the judgment seat of Christ;
Showing how much we are sincere,
And all that we have sacrificed.

So that each of us will receive,
What is due for what we have done;
Showing our faith we believe,
In the Father, Spirit, and Son.

Copyright ©2023 Richard Newton Sherrer