Trinee Dukes Moore

Inevitable Destiny

Trinee Dukes Moore is a poet. She writes for the pure joy of combining words and thoughts that convey, in a most beautiful and thoughtful way, the realities of life. She held leadership and adjunct faculty positions in higher education; leadership positions in human resources and human/ public se…

Everyone is old enough to die-
The proof---this life
There is no order, no age, no state or condition,
The only pre-requisite is conception or birth
There is no choice about the date, time or purpose to transition-
It’s pre-destined to be-
By your own hands, the hands of another, nature,
chemical dependency or a medical condition –
There's a deadline and guaranteed delivery for this fate
To know is empowering
To ignore its reality leaves you defenseless.
The expected experience solicits relentless anguish, despair, maimed hearts and countless tears...
But with a knowledge and understanding

  about the reality of demise
You will gain strength to get through
Grace awaits-