FC teaches poetry at Stein Center NYC & performs it regularly, has four poetry books published and staged various original plays in verse. Produces WA/HA? on public Access TV.

On January fifteenth;

  Mama shouted HALLELUJAH!
She also gritted her teeth...

  in the birth pain, how do you do ya?
She brought Martin Luther King Here,

  who hails Jesus to proclaim:
We people have nothing to fear,

  racist violence is insane!
Lord God knows that I Am a man.

  We Shall Overcome as the poor people,
with no business in Vietnam.

  But, We Gather Together at the steeple.
Church is everywhere we go...

  Cleaning up garbage and laundry.
In our hearts we really know

  the white mans police dog boundary
is another tale and test

  for our salvation and dignity.
When I Lay My Burdens Down to rest

  Heavens Gate will open for all Eternity.
We must march and cross the line now:

  Ignore those bully club bombs and bullets

  to bust us.
We'll end racism; it's not allowed.

  We demand our Civil Rights Truth Freedom

  and Justice.