Douglas Blair

Crazy for the Trenches, 1914

Blogging poems since 2008. Once a lawyer in general practice. Then 32 years as Shipper in a heavy metal fabricating plant. Retired 2022. Married and father of two. Poet. Hiker. Harmonica Busker. Gospel enthusiast. Photographer.

Do you see it all

With a glow my Son.

This war that’s just begun.

Do you want to go

Do you need it so?

The shovel, boots and gun.

Gone quite glory-mad.

Don’t be troubled Dad.

With the rest I run.

The ship.

The happy hollering.

The landing on chillsome day.

Into the fray.

The trench muck come.

And yesterday Larry’s face

Was turned to gum.

He was from Winnipeg.

A Mother’s Son.