mad hippie poet


I have been writing for 40 years my poetry is about life,death love,and redemption. after having two near death expiercences and a TBI my poetry has become more spirtual

You were given a voice use it for there is no such thing as time only memories what one's do you care to take what one's do you care to make?

Be careful if you hold your heart inside a paper cup it just might spill. there are such wonderful and bright colors in the house occupied by the mentally ill it reminds me and makes me hungry for a Mcdonald's happy meal

I sit in my car not going very far only if I had a set of wheels my car speaks to me and often without reason tells me how it feels like I need an oil change

I piss in my bed and stain my sheets we kill and then eat defenseless animal's meat

Hey Jay Leno how big is your chin?
Hey, Madonna are you really about sin?
Hey Allen Ginsberg will you read my poetry and tell me it does not suck?
Hey, American government and the catholic church fuck you both you are full of shit.
Hey, Neal Cassaidy how was the kool aid acid test?
Hey Jerry Garcia you are the best
Hey, the voices that live inside of my mind the rent is due so stop rushing your words through my body all you need to say is write! write! write! in the coldness of a February night. I lay underneath a tree trying to see the stars