Prayelife Onyinyechi Nwosu


Biography Prayerlife is a talented poet whose poems have been recognized in lots of Anthologies, Magazines and websites which includes: 1. Anthology in honor of Late Prof Jerry Agada. 2. News Corner Media 3. The Pine Cone Review Magazine: Issue II 4. Poemify Magazine: Memories Issue III 5. Sixt…


The sea applauds the wave
Over her mighty dance moves
The sky stares with amazement
As he winks with lightning sparks

Gently hums the breeze
As trees sing aloud
Grasses give the chorus
Nodding left to right

The sun laughs and cheers
With golden rays of light
Hot! Screams the soil
Calling for the rain

The cloud drums and roars
With heavy thunder claps
Down drives her tears
To hug and fill up holes

Up wakes the moon
With playing happy stars
Twinkling like diamonds
The moon smiles and stares.

Nwosu Prayerlife Onyinyechi