Lawrence S. Pertillar

Debating Decision Makers

Debating decision makers,
Can not stop...
What procrastinating does,
Without immediate need of action done.

Debating leaders unable to come together,
And make...
One decision benefitting all the people,
That takes...
Immediate need of action,
Discover they procrastinate.
Are not the leaders to leading anyone.

When a storm is a warning of times come,
Leaders in positions are expected...
To be proactive and effective.
Not run.
Or await what should be done.
After witnessing to observe,
A devastation no one deserves.

This to accomplish has its price to pay.
For the ones faithfully hoping,
What had been for them a normalcy...
Will return as it was again,
To have it stay.
Although that which had been has gone away.
Fading with the signs of times.
Leaving behind,
Leaders blinded.
With minds lost undermined.
By those who pantomime,
How a leader should perform for publicity.

The needs of the people are left debated.
In a repetitious rhetoric entertaining act.
To perform.
With verbal vicious attacks to perform.
Leaving nothing moving forward,
But the storm.
Of conflict and confusion left to go on.
Leaving nothing moving forward,
But the storm.
Leaving nothing moving forward,
But the storm.
Leaving nothing moving on,
For the people winning more of less to get.

Left expected,
Which debater won.
Leaves the people believing...
When all is done,
The benefits to them come!

'I loved it.'

'You loved what?'

'All the name calling.
The hitting below the belt.
The racial hatred spewed.
As if venomous snakes.
The personal attacks on their supporters.'

Your mind is made up?
You already know who won your vote?'

That I haven't decided yet.
I am still not convinced,
Who is more deceiving than the other.
I pride myself on being independent.
The next debate,
I've heard will take place in Vegas.'


'The boxing match.
Rumor has it,
That a knock out should then determined...
Who the real winner is!'

'Tell me you're joking.'

I'm joking.
The price I paid for ringside seats?
Comes with a free turkey too!
Ain't no joke!'