Lucky Samant

Dance with Me

Hey there Lucky Samant here , I write poems because I just love to write poems . It's my way of escaping from Reality. The beauty and sadness of candles and the earth and stars and skies and trees and flowers and peoples faces. Candles. Candles everywhere. Oooh, I’m on a roll.

I don't mean to be rude,
I'm trying to be good,
getting you in the mood,
seeing you watching the roost,
lost in thoughts
is enough reason to hold my hand,
its not a competition so don't worry about who will lose.

Let our hands intertwine,
bodies move in sync,
the tune being our guide
and the fireworks fly
the moon being our audience.
Every step we take together,
heads to your healing process.

Dancing is a therapy on its own.
I feel better when I'm dancing,
so will you.
Vent on this calm melody.
Release all the tied knots.
There is no room for tension.
Forget all worries.
Don't be afraid to fall,
I'll catch you through it all.

Dance with no care.
These occasions are rare,
any costume you can wear.
You won't trip the ground is bare.
You are the only heir,
that I'm already aware
but that doesn't matter
so come and dance with me.