Abby Kesington

The Shriek of the Night bird

Freelance poet.

The Shriek of the Night Bird- Abby Kesington

The shriek of the Hermit thrush
Splinters the fragile peace of nightfall
High pitched, emotions threatens to crush
The looming fright disguised as bird-call

The raspy notes fails to calm
the liquid fear rising within
Whistling chatters, sounds off an alarm
pushing anxiety to claim a win

Mournful hooting calls from a distance
matches muffled chants of a recluse
Unveils the camouflage with little resistance
the fountain of tears break loose

The piercing sound of sustained chirping
sends sleep on a long journey
Worry and despair intrudes, harping
like arch rivals playing a tourney

The rise and fall of the song
lures the weary soul to sleep
As dusk and dawn dances along
The perfect lullaby to fall asleep.