Heather Lydia Thornhill

Legion of Father Mother God

Moods and mindsets poetry. Published. Book in progress: Don't talk rot.

Hand of the humane
Light of the pure
Heavens legion
Gods adored
Sent down with messengers
To ring in mans ears
Shed of our worries
Free us from fears
Raise us to glory
Let knowledge astound
Naive no longer
Yet children abound
Open your hearts
In trinities of love
Pattern the skies
With glistening troves
Force of life
Your creator known
Lay upon our shoulders
Swords beconning
Reflect in us
Lakes of the devine
Yearned for jewels
Array of beginnings
Call of safety
Aura of essence
Clean presence
Take our sweet penance
Back to glories arch
Forever our prayer
Reach tender stare
As our heavy burden
Your wings can bare.

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