Kayode Olubambi


A mathematician. A multi instruments. An ardent and fervent reader. A poet. A playwright. A singer.

I have that joy, within.
Some kinda. Inexplicable.
My mood arouses. I giggled within. I raise my hope with ease in me. To know a better tomorrow.

In my sad mood, I raised my hope high.
I shifted my feet in rythm. I sought for a greater joy within.
It's sure, I know, a better tomorrow will come.

I can't just place it. Still I know.
It's forth placing. Today brings sadness. On the table lies the plates, empty, without food in it. My head raises in hope for a better tomorrow.

I ain't lazy. Yes, I ain't.
I raise from bed, early enough and go late to lie down.
I labor to feed my fam.
I wriggle daily to make ends meet.
A better tomorrow, I pray will come.

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