Laura Sanders

Autumn's gay dance.

I live in Dorset in the U.K.I am inspired by nature and the countryside, especially the seasons, and the weather.I write about all sorts of topics and my poems are usually rhyming, haiku or free verse.

Autumns gay dance.

Autumn leaves dance gaily around,
they swirl in haze, towards the ground.
Auburns, golds, russets too,
offering different shapes, differing hues.

The wind picks up and blows the trees,
the foliage is carried from canopies.
Fine English Oak and Beeches shed all to the land.
Maples and Sycamores, add to the "dance".

Falling, falling, with the season's formation,
picking up speed , they collect for soil fermentation.
Witnessing the act brings happiness, delight.
But it can also be a sobering, somber sight.
Winter will at last, be on it's way.
The cold, icy blast, will freeze leaves, well away...