Fortune Mokgotho

I am. . .

Bold enough to stand
Tall and rigid
With my roots,
Stretching and reaching the earth's depth.

Unshakable where I stand
Not flinching with the winds,
I promise to forever stand.

Disasters of nature have found me
Yet I still stand.
For I extinguish the wild fire
And floods girgle down my throat
To quench my thirst
As quaking the earth was my cardio.

I am hope-for tomorrow,
The sunrise is vivid in my eyes
And my complexion is the fading night
My sweat, rain drops
In the parched Savannah,
That nourish the land
And give new breaths of life.

I stand before you,
With majestic beauty and strength
That never dwindles or fade
As the soil erodes away.

Picture me, as Ficus benghalensis.