Shelby Minick


Shelby grew up reading from a young age and was encouraged to try her hand at different writing styles throughout her schooling years. She began writing poetry several years ago, and her influences are such poets as Tennyson, Longfellow, Kipling, and Tolkien, to name a few.

Away, away!
Fly far, my thoughts, from this low plane,
Ascend to heav’ns’ bright sky beyond,
Where burns eternal day.

Away, away!
Fair dreams of past, of yet to come,
That in my head stay trapped within;
Fly forth, from shadows dim.

Away, away!
My feet must fly, and scarcely meet
The ground they formerly had trod;
How swift they now will be!

Away, away!
The thoughts and dreams reach on and on;
And I will follow where they lead,
Where westward sinks the sun.