Douglas H. Mc Clintock

Living to Die

new writer

Don't become sick and old
And be a nuisance to others,
To touch my body, it seems very cold,
My life is like an unpainted canvas !

In bed more than out,
My life has become a derelict,
Once an athlete, never in doubt
Can't hear and losing my sight !

So what good am I ?
Am I just waiting to die,
Thanks a lot, I will say a merry good bye,
Up to now, I lived a good life, I won't lie !

I have found out getting old is not for the weak,
Aches and pains, maybe I will go on a hunger strike,
There is no logic as my future is bleak,
The nursing homes are full of guys like me !

So be brave and have a stiff upper lip
You will have lots of company, if you live long enough,
My handshake still has a good grip
Old age will prove to you if you are tough !

But all is not lost
I have become a senior poet,
Like this one at a low cost,
Pen and paper, there is no secret ! !

In life an important element is to create,
Maybe a wood crafter or a painter,
A painter needs an ornate frame,
But a poet will steal your heart !