Mary Helen Trujillo


Mary Helen Trujillo was born April 16, 1987, in Denver CO. She is a long-time writer and lyricist, recently published. Though she wears many hats, having gone to school for automotive technology, being an emergency medical dispatcher for over a decade, a mother, daughter, friend and wife, her love …

When distance lingers through time
And a warm touch grows cold
I try to remember when you were mine
How far does the distance grow

A sweet caress now haunts me
As I lie alone at night
There used to be such passion
Why is distance so unkind

So near yet so far you seem
The hourglass loses time
For now there could only be dreams
Where distance fades in the night

The wanton carelessness of love
Provokes the cruel beats of heart
If only I could answer in the end
When does distance cease to start