Jennifer Kersey

The white lady

The White lady.

In Shropshire-beautiful county full of intrigue and mysterious event,
this folklore story abounds apparently she, without malicious intent,
`lady of Haughmond Abbey, roams often just outside the market town,
this lonely and seemingly dejected figure, shrouded in flowing white gown,
at dusk when the mist lies low over this peaceful site, she silently glides
this ethereal figure, a resident from the past, in the ancient stones resides.

Was she spurned or excommunicated for some `innocent` wicked deed,
would the monks who lie elsewhere, long in eternal slumber, now heed,
her plight to keep this everlasting vigil for her soul, repose it cannot find,
her destiny is locked here –she seeks the answer long sought by mankind,
it`s an enigmatic puzzle for contemporary thought a riddle that does test
and question our very existence so for what reason, she cannot find rest.