Robbin T Hartridge

Can You Imagine

Robbin is a retired landscape architect who scrambles to write the words down when they arrive for a brief visit, to bless her with their presence.

When we have arrived at the doorstep
of humanity's dark night
we must remember more than anything
how on effervescent wings
love can beam light into the darkest corner
that has lingered too long in murky shadows
to be rescued from itself.

And yet.....

On any given day
we can choose to manifest
something original
and bright, hopeful
more magnificent than anything
we have ever seen.

Can you imagine what would happen
if every benevolent, sparkling gesture
helped to map and scribe
a new constellation
across the skies of our hearts,
illuminating a galaxy
we have never seen before?

Let us dream together,
bless this precious world we call home
with the most simple acts of loving kindness,
and run with the stars
until we find our way again.