Douglas H. Mc Clintock


new writer

The other day something new happened
That I had not done for awhile,
Tears swelled in my eyes and made me smile,
It caught me by surprise, it was a time of being silent !

Living for the past 10 years alone
And the last half with chronic pain,
Another one of life's milestones
Becoming an old ailing antique !

You know what tears can do ?
Crying is a self - smoothy behavior,
As I laid in bed thinking of nothing
To my surprise, long moments of feeling better !

My eyes became very full
And with my hot bag, moments of bliss
Can crying actually make you cheerful ?
I found out, the human body is so clever !

Life always has it's moments
Like a new chapter in a book,
Life's natural ability is always available
It's built that way I found out !

Crying is not just reserved for the weak,
Tears have endorphins and oxytocin
They help with emotional stress
And severe everyday pain !