Iverson Taylor Smith

Her Heart

My name is Iverson is named after Allen Iverson. I'm new to poetry which my girlfriend introduced me to but each thing I write comes from the soul. Let me know how it feels to read my poetry.

She has green eyes mixed with brown, and sometimes lies hoping that the mean guys will maybe take their time.
She’s been through this game too many times but hasn’t learned to read through the lies.
So she lays by the tree of love, sighs as it slowly dies, watered by the tears she cries.
For her eyes are hazy, she hasn’t noticed peeking through the grass we’re daises.
Waiting to bloom like a newborn baby.

 to hold and cherish, through each stage of its life as it grows.
Cared for by the affection only she knows.
She’s watered this tree with unseen eyes that have poured rain.
But who knew she’d blossom from each ounce of pain that slowly drove her insane.
She’s changed, but at times reverts back to the same.
That’s put herself to blame, that’s wondered why has my heart become a game.
But I write this to you.
Remember your name
It means strength.
Your heart is sheltered, so take your time to remember each time you’ve surrendered
To love.
through each thorn is a rose.
Beautiful like your eyes hidden behind your very own disguise.

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