Danesha “NESH” Robinson

One Day

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Never let 'em see me sweat. Competition? Nah, I digress. F*ckin' with me, you might be blessed. It's all on you to choose a diamond over mess. One day it won't be an obstacle for happiness. The love given will be reciprocated, with hesitation, for me, nothing less. Never let 'em see me sweat. My melanin is like honey, addiction dosages will have you feenin', don't lose focus. I'm open, distance means nothing to me. Yet I warn you, don't have me riding, and there is temptation still that causes fantasies. I'm greater than temporary pleasures, I'm a forever. Visions of "We Could Be" singing like Keysh did, you complete me. One day, you will really zoom in, realizing this journey you feel you aren't healed in, will need me to be there with you. No matter the miles, Im a car, flight away, send the go and I'm apart of the mile high club on daybreak. Never let 'em see me sweat. I'm always peeping the scene. From day one, been about you. Handle me as nothing less than a real queen. Everything important to you, will be just the same for me. Ya air is my air, your goals, I wanna support them. Baby we a team. Honestly, transparently saying: don't throw me away like my past. Used and mistreated my love, you told me that you're different. I'm depending on the hope I still carry. While I'm wild and kinky, i'm also loyal only to you. Look past the distractions, your prize is right in front of you. Never let 'em see me sweat, one day they'll admire and be shocked when you choose. Are you ready? Trey Songz echo, I need you, don't you need me to?


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