Lawerence E. Mize


Lawerence E. Mize was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1949. At the age of seventeen he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served as a medical corpsman with the 101st Airborne Division. A month after his eighteenth birthday he began his one year tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam. He served with th…

You're coming apart at the seams.
Your people are dying.
Can't you hear their screams?

You help others abroad
In their desperate hours,
While ignoring your people,
Who hide and cower.

They hide from the bullets
Flying through their streets.
They run from the thugs
Who maim and beat.

No peace can be had
Here at home.
The dying are calling.
Pick up the phone.

It's time to act
Before it's all gone.
No land of the free.
It won't be long.

You have to find a way
To put things aright.
Or suffer the cries
Of the helpless and their plight.

A beacon of light
You once were to all.
Please America,
You mustn't fall.