Shelina Chapman

Requiem of a fallen embryo

What time is left amongst the Dead?
His house is separated by the tree of Yggridril, the tree Sephiroth of Life.
It came to her a silly serpent tail, and laughed amongst the trees of yesteryear, to the trees of the Aries zodiac sign.
I have doubted much in my life, he would say to himself. And then he would veer off-road. His off-world journeys spread fair yet comprehensive, with cobblestone houses parked benched side-by-side.
I wonder why such things existed here. He said to his pregnant lover. Then, he would strike her down with a nod and a glare over the other veranda with a masonry staff.
His eyes grew bright like Orbit candies, and his smile grew hot like fire flame. What more is their inclined desire, than the warm taste of Charlemene?