Anne-Marie Addey

Pink and Black

I am a grade 7 girl living in the small town in South Africa. I have a little sister and live with both parents. Pink and Black is the first poem I have written. I enjoy reading poetry and playing chess. I hope to improve as a poet and write very deep poems that will impact society.

Have you ever though about life in pink?
Not bland, boring and doesn't stink.
A life where all is sweet and serene,
other than black who is bitter and obscene

Black, the root of all sadness and despair,
will deprive you of all your happiness, beware.
Pink would easily love to avoid,
its beauty and warmth getting destroyed.

As time goes on, black comes again,
to perceptibly plan something inhumane.
Pink had already thought ahead,
and came to the conclusion that Black should be dead.

Pink mercilessly stabbed Black's envy and greed,
grinning maliciously as it watched Black bleed.
Pink knew its job was done,
but failed to realize the war that it had just begun.