Mya Herbert

Burning Desire

Release this tension from your chest. Remove the negativity and remain blessed.
Although I am happy, this burning desire remains.
Resilient and consistent like a growing flame.
I yearn to change, to be better, to look back and have elevated from that place.
But what about the constant challenges I have yet to face?
What do I think of myself if I don’t even know what to change?

 I’m not even sure but yet I’m certain I cannot stay in this same space.
No change and no compassion, and that pours alcohol on my dim flame, now alive and burning bright.
Burn on flame, don’t be afraid to shine your light.
It’s yours to display at night.
A glance at my past could make anyone scream.
Not knowing the difference between real emotions and the pride that just eats me up so far inside.
But I am 22 years old, how the fuck am I this emotionally immature?
And yet, I yearn to become better than I am.
So that burning desire keeps my seat hot.
Never too comfortable or you’d become stuck. Heated with memories or arguments, broken promises, and neglect. Admitting to fault but no progress.
I cannot allow anything to slow down my process.
But that’s an entirely different pill to digest.