Lawrence S. Pertillar

Ain't In No Need

Not a fraction do I need added.
Or a second subtracted,
From my life lived to know this fact.
I ain't in no need to have explained to me,
How my life should be...
To please the opinions,
Of those making decisions...
For those they believe,
Do not know themselves.

I ain't in no need to complain or excuse,
Whatever what was done...
In my younger years to do.
Those choices I made,
Were my own to make not to include you.
Although they may have been,
Reckless risks to take.
No one have I ever accused or blamed,
For mistakes I faced.
And alone embraced.
With a doing without attempting,
To fake an innocence.
In the hope to escape from them.

Nor did I grow to ignore,
Responsibilities I was accountable for.
Done to do like others aging like me.
Lieing to deceive and delude themselves.
Just to discover and eventually find,
Time is not theirs...
To rely upon the thoughts,
Of a limited childish mind.
These days to come to go move too fast.
And not a second or a fraction of it,
Have I allowed myself to sit and wonder...
If what I have done to do to choose or didn't,
Offended someone who these days believe...
My experiences that have made me,
A better human being...
Were for them inappropriately chosen!

I ain't in no need to explain to anybody,
My life to live and blessed to receive...
Came without who would accept.
Or approved what I did to do.
With challenges and obstacles.
I alone had to remove.

The only thing I do regret,
Is the not taking more risks and chances.

What do you suspect would have happened?
If you had taken more risks and chances?'

I have no clue.
But I am willing to bet,
There would be someone telling me...
I could have made better choices.
No one would detect,
Were inappropriate or offensive.
And besides,
Long have I left behind...
Those who believe my life to live,
Depends upon my suspicions...
Whatever it is,
They may or may not accept to decide...
Offends their pretentious way of living.
I ain't in no need,
To make that kind of impression to know...
My happiness to feel and believe received,
Has a quality I like that satisfies me!
End of unneeded further discussion.